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     SBL Group was established in 1968. For dozens of years, we have been insisting on using high specialty technologies in the manufacture of high quality equipments such as diecutting and creasing platens, folding and gluing machines, window patching machines, bronzing machines, etc. With abundant practical experience, the security of the equipments is undoubtedly dependable. The design for the equipments is high qualified, high efficient, high profitable and high applicable.

        STS Machinery Co., Ltd. is a subcompany of SBL Group and is located in Mainland China. With over forty years of factory practical experience of SBL Group, large equipments for parts making and processing and excellent specialty technicians, we manufacture high-quality, high-efficient, high-profitable and high-applicable paper processing machines such as automatic high-speed diecutting and creasing platens, automatic high-speed folding and gluing machines, manual box making machines for cutting and creasing, etc.

        STS Machinery was established in 1997 with the investment capital of thirty million RMB. It covers an area of 3500 square meters. It has over 130 employees. With Taiwan experience and the manufacture in Mainland, we develop, design, manufacture, sell and offer complete after service. With precision machines for parts processing, complete practical experience of factory management and production, we offer top quality products with reasonable price. We are the best choice for you to purchase equipments.

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